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Hinsdale Central Office Fire

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Townson 1988

Patrick A. Townson,
“The Great Fire”,
Telecom Digest, vol.8 iss.76, 10 May 1988,
available in news:comp.dcom.telecom and included in http://massis.lcs.mit.edu/archives/history/fire.in.chicago.5-88

ResiliNets Keywords: Central office fire, fault-tolerant, survivability, redundancy, diversity

Abstract: A running narrative from the moderator of comp.dcom.telecom following the 1988 Hinsdale IL central office fire, which disrupted local, long-distance, and mobile telephone service, as well as ATC for Chicago O;Hare International Airport (ORD).

Notes: This is the canonical example of how fault-tolerance (redundancy in the PSTN) does not insure resilience and survivability (due to lack of geographic diversity in this case).

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