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General Installation Instructions

There are several components needed to make RC-BLAST work. Unfortunately, FPGA-based systems are not universal. Here are the general directions. Below are the platform-specific instruction.

  1. Download the NCBI version of BLAST:
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/. <li> Download RC-BLAST.
    Image:Opb blast.tar.gz <li> Apply patch to NCBI source code, compile. <li> Compile the software:
      <li> compile modified NCBI BLAST <li> compile device driver
    <li> Synthesize FPGA hardware. <li> Run!
      <li> insmod device driver <li> configure FPGA <li> run BLAST


    TSI Telsys Ace2card

    Xilinx ML310

    Contact parag for instructions
    Any Xilinx board with a PowerPC processor


    Annapolis Micro Systems (AMS) WildForce

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